Free Local Business Listing Directory!

Does a free business directory still have value? Yes! Why you’d ask?

Unless you have your word-mouth-advertising strongly functioning and working, you need people to know your place, come to your place, at least give you some phone calls or online requests/orders from your website.

Too much competition, too much scam, too many ads around… So, where do you advertise?

Statistics show that Ninety percent of all purchases begin from an internet search. This shows that each business that wishes to stay relevant in today’s market has to have the way of advertising itself in an internet portal. Online directories became a favorite place to begin, particularly for smaller businesses that don’t have an associated budget.

Listings in our directory are hand-picked and verified. Our Canada business directory, created in partnership with your local community businesses, is a trusted source for information and an excellent way to effectively connect with local customers when they need you most. The online platform gives users relevant results with data that is updated every year. Business owners can enhance their listings by adding logo, photos, video, and more!

“Online directories help you reach audiences who are browsing in that particular index or directory, as well as improving your search engine rankings, they can be a low-cost method of increasing sales.”

Local Business Listings

  • Scan your website to see where it’s listed
  • Get your business listed
  • Run visibility reports
  • Monitor online reviews
  • Optimize your business listing to outrank your competition
  • Improve click-through rate
  • Help you get your business listed across 50 of the most popular networks

Visit our pricing page here for more information.

More About Our Free Local Business Listings

If you use the internet, by now you must have seen the small local map that appears of Google search as part of the organic search results. If you don’t have any idea how local listings can benefit your local business, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

The only negative aspect of this newly introduced local marketing tool is that most businesses are still unaware of its use, and/or don’t utilize it properly. For businesses that are reliant on the local customers, this is one tool that they need to master to drive massive sales to their establishment. The following are some benefits of local listings.

A local organization is usually not a little business. While we will examine this in more detail later on, we need to remember that popular stores that are local are additionally dependent upon the local residents for their income. It doesn’t matter if you’re as huge as a Target store or as little as a local flower shop, local listings will be advantageous for any size business.

Clients Decide On Businesses Based On Search Results
The local listings results are important because they show a lot of data to a local client or buyer. Obviously the essential data like business name, address, telephone number, website, and map is standard. In any case, the quantity of client reviews and star ratings is important to the individual looking. Reviews will help the local client or shopper rapidly decide whether they should click on your local business listing or call you.

Businesses now have two things they have to work on to improve their business; their website and their local business listing. Since the local business listing is the first thing people look at when searching on Google, Yahoo, and Bing; its important that you set up and optimize your business listings.

The procedure requires that you first claim your local business listing, set up your page and add images, and perform SEO on your on business listing pages the same way you would on your website.

You’ll find that the local business listing can really be a website of its own, however it’s better to utilize it as a mini website that’s an essential extension to your main website. When you set up your business listings, you must make sure the local business listing has all the right data about your business name, business address, and phone numbers to rank on Google. You should also include photographs, videos, coupons, special offers, rebates, and other data that will help the local client choose to work with you.

Dealing with your local business listing incorporates managing client reviews and connecting with them not just to secure positive reviews, but to also address clients that aren’t happy with your service and turn their negative experience into a positive one. Google isn’t the only place where you can list your business. There are numerous others places that you can list your business including, social groups, 411 sites, GPS sites, and business catalogs.

Outsourcing Your Local Business Listing Management
There are two types of companies that offer local business listing services. The first type of company are those that just give you “information” about business listings which doesn’t help you much since they don’t actually create the listings. The second type of company creates the listings for you, however be watchful as most of these companies are not good at SEO. You’ll need someone with advanced knowledge of SEO if you expect clients to ever find your local business listings on Google.

Why should you hire a local listing manager? You’ll need somebody to screen for duplicate listings, manage reviews, update your data, and break down the analytics for you as to improve conversion rates. Contact us for more information about our local listing service.



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